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phoenix ski club

Winter is here! Everything you need for a ski trip!

We hope you have an enjoyable skiing trip with the package prepared by White Tree Snow School.



This special package is the Premium All-Inclusive Ski Lesson Package for Phoenix Park Resort.

It includes
① accommodation

② Lift passes

③ Equipment rental

④ Blue Canyon (waterpark & hot spring), 
⑤ Snow Village (sledging area)

⑥ Sauna facilities at the resort.
⑦ A 2-hour Private ski or snowboard lesson from expert instructors handpicked from various parts of the world.

This addition of ski lessons to the all-inclusive package will surely enhance your skiing and snowboarding experience.
So, leave the sledding behind and enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding to the fullest. Make the most of this exceptional package for a perfect ski vacation!


Phoenix Ski Club
- Accommodation -

- Blue Canyon, Snow Village and Sauna -


Custom Quote Request Form

If you would like a personalized quote, please fill out the form below.

Our representative will send you a quote tailored to your plans.

4. Please provide the desired dates for the package:

5. Please specify the dates for ski equipment rental (skis, boots, poles)

    and lift tickets:

*Note that ski equipment and lift tickets are valid for the entire duration from the start date to the return date and can be used during the ski resort's operating hours.

*Blue Canyon offers a one-day pass and can be used on the date of your choice within your stay period. Please be aware that re-entry is not allowed after exiting, and you must present your coupon for access.

*Snow Village also offers a one-day pass, which can be used on the date of your choice within your stay period. Similar to Blue Canyon, re-entry is not permitted, and you need to present your coupon for entry.

*Condo Sauna provides a one-day pass and can be used on the date of your choice within your stay period. Like the other amenities, re-entry is not allowed, and you should present your coupon for access.

10. If you require shuttle bus or individual pickup service, please check the appropriate option.

*Breakfast is not included in the package, so if you require breakfast, please specify.
   For transportation options, you can reserve a shuttle bus through the Phoenix Park website. If you prefer Private pickup, please provide your address.

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